Thai Airways Menu: A Guide to Dining Onboard with Thailand’s National Carrier

As Thailand’s flag carrier airline, Thai Airways aims to provide an authentically Thai inflight experience across all classes. With Royal Thai cuisine in first class, unique cultural touches, and colorful presentation, dining with Thai is a highlight whether flying regional routes or long-haul.

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore Thai’s offerings including royal set menus, street food-inspired economy dishes, and premium drinks. With details on their culinary philosophy, cabins, service styles, and unique aspects of Thai’s dining, read on for an in-depth look at food and beverage when flying with one of Asia’s top full-service airlines.

Thai-style rice dish

An Overview of Dining Onboard Thai Airways’ Flights

Here is a broad introduction to the dining experience when flying with Thai Airways within Asia or long-haul:

  • Royal Thai Cuisine set menus in First Class honoring Thailand’s culinary traditions
  • Business Class multi-course meals with Thai and international dishes
  • Premium economy featuring upgraded curry meals and welcome cocktails
  • Royal Orchid Plus lounge dining with Thai buffets available to top-tier elite members
  • Economy Thai-style rice dishes, stir fries, curries, and noodle soups
  • Vibrant presentation reflecting Thai culture through fresh orchids, napkins folded into flowers

With authentic Thai hospitality and truly Thai cuisine, dining with Thai Airways engages the senses.

A Closer Look at Thai’s Onboard Culinary Experience

As someone who frequently travels between Southeast Asia and Europe, I find many airline meals lacking in local flavor. But dining with Thai Airways on a recent Bangkok to Copenhagen trip impressed me – the spicy Thai cuisine delighted my palate, the courteous service warmed my heart, and the unique touches like folded napkins made meals memorable. Here’s an inside look at Thai’s fantastic food and beverage.

Royal Thai Cuisine Takes the Spotlight in First Class

In Thai’s exceptionally premium First Class cabin, Royal Thai cuisine shines:

  • Royal set menus feature Thailand’s finest, freshest ingredients from land and sea
  • Thailand’s royal culinary traditions guide preparation with balance between spicy, sour, sweet
  • Dishes like gaeng som tamarind stew and hor mok steamed sea bass in banana leaves
  • Vintage Dom Perignon champagne greets First Class flyers

With revered Royal cuisine and bespoke details like fresh orchids, First Class dining engages the senses.

Thoughtful Premium Touches Across All Classes

No matter the cabin, Thai incorporates delightful touches:

  • Refreshing lemongrass and lime scented towels
  • Artful napkin folding into the shape of orchids
  • Colorful Thai desserts like mango sticky rice
  • Unique drink vessels like coconut bowls for welcome smoothies

From napkins to nuts, Thai’s dining stands out through meaningful Thai accents.

Business Class Indulgence with Western and Thai Cuisine

Business Class dining balances both Thailand’s flavors and international dishes:

  • Authentic Tom Yam Goong hot and sour shrimp soup
  • Pad Thai with tamarind, peanuts, and choice of proteins
  • Khao Pad – signature Thai fried rice with chicken or pork
  • Western choices like seared salmon, ribeye steak, gnocchi

There’s delightful fusion catering to both Thai and Western pallets.

Premium Economy Enhanced with Welcome Cocktails

In Premium Economy, dining feels special with upgrades like:

  • Pre-departure welcome drinks – Singha beer, Thai mojitos, fruit cocktails
  • Premium Green Curry Chicken – Served with steamed jasmine rice
  • Coconut ice cream topped with toasted coconut and peanuts

With welcome drinks and enhanced cuisine, Premium Economy satisfies.

Green papaya salad

Classic Thai Flavors Featured in Economy Class

Even in Economy Class, Thai’s cuisine shines:

  • Green papaya salad – Crunchy and spicy authentic som tum
  • Massaman chicken curry – A mildly spiced coconut milk curry with potatoes
  • Khao man kai – Poached chicken and rice, a Thai street food favorite
  • Coconut and pandan leaf rice – Sweetly scented rice, a staple in Thailand

There are comforting Thai dishes and flavors even in economy to make you smile.

Premium Pourings Across All Classes

No matter the cabin, quality drinks abound:

  • Singha beer – Thailand’s classic gold-capped premium lager
  • Mojito Royale – Thai’s signature mojito with fresh mint and Buddha’s hand citron
  • Healthy juices – Enhanced with fresh orchids and herbs like lemongrass
  • Vintage French champagne – Salon and Krug served in First Class

Thai provides an abundance of authentic Thai and premium Western drink options.

Why Dining Shines with Thailand’s Airline

Here are the many aspects that make meals special when flying with Thai Airways:

  • Authentic Royal Thai cuisine inspired by Thailand’s culinary traditions
  • Unique cultural touches like refreshing scented towels, woven orchid napkins
  • Regionally inspired dishes in all classes ranging from papaya salad in economy to panaeng curry in business
  • Premium drink selections like vintage champagne, locally brewed Singha beer, creative cocktails
  • Gracious Thai hospitality where friendly staff deliver globally revered Thai service

Thai Airways delivers an excellent and memorable culinary experience.

Mango and sticky rice with creamy coconut sauce

Top Thai Picks from My Bangkok to Stockholm Flight

Based on my satisfying Thai Airways dining adventure between Bangkok and Stockholm, here are some favorite Thai flavors that made me smile:

  • Welcome Drink – Tangy Thai limeade with fresh orchid
  • Business Class Starter – Exquisitely spicy and balanced green papaya salad
  • Business Class Dessert – Mango and sticky rice with creamy coconut sauce
  • Economy Main – Massaman curry with slowly simmered potatoes
  • Economy Dessert – Sweet black rice pudding with fresh mango

With authentic preparation and fresh ingredients, Thai Airways’ cuisine shines.

Consistent Hospitality Across All Cabins

While Thai Airways varies cuisine and service by cabin, their gracious Thai hospitality remains constant throughout:

  • The friendly Thai smile welcomes you warmly regardless of class of service
  • Thoughtful cultural touches like refreshing scented towels make all guests feel special
  • Thai’s passion for quality cuisine shines whether it’s Royal Thai cuisine up front or street food in the back

You’ll feel Thais renowned service-minded spirit and smile through the dining experience in whichever class you fly.

Experience Thailand’s Legendary Hospitality and Flavors

By honoring traditions like Royal set dining, while focusing on fresh and authentic Thai flavors throughout the plane, Thai Airways brings the sensations of Thailand to the skies. You’ll enjoy revered Thai service, familiar dishes, and artistry that engages the senses when dining with Thai at 35,000 feet.

So next time you fly Thailand’s national carrier, relax into your seat and let Thai’s vibrant cuisine and caring hospitality make your journey joyful. It’s the delightful flavors and cultural spirit of Thailand soaring through the skies.

Tips for Crafting Your Ideal Thai Airways Dining Experience

Follow these tips to optimize and customize your inflight dining with Thai Airways:

  • If flying First Class, select your Royal Set menu in advance
  • Pre-order your meal 24 hours ahead in business and premium economy
  • Request special meals like vegetarian, halal, low-sodium via their website
  • Save room for dessert – Thai’s sweets like mango sticky rice are exceptional
  • Skip a main and combine side dishes for a refreshing Thai-style meal
  • Download their app for dining and drink details, cultural inspiration and more

With tricks like pre-ordering, customizing your meal, and saving room for sweets, you can craft a personalized Thai dining adventure.

Experience Thailand’s World-Famous Hospitality In the Skies

With Royal Thai dining, handfolded napkin orchids, aromatic lemongrass hot towels, and decorate coconut juices, Thai Airways offers a fantastic food and culture experience that engages the senses. It’s the sights, sounds, smells, and smiles of Thailand at 35,000 feet.

So the next time you fly Thailand’s flagship carrier, get ready to be transported by the gracious service, bold Thai flavors and colorful creative presentation that make this airline so beloved. It’s the hued curries and caring Thai smiles that make the journey the destination. Sawasdee krub, bon appetit and happy travels!

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