ITA Airways Menu: A Guide to Dining Onboard with Italy’s New National Carrier

As Italy’s stylish new national airline, ITA Airways aims to showcase the best of Italian cuisine, hospitality and design inflight across all cabins. With multi-course meals celebrating Italy’s flavors, premium wines, and partnerships with Italy’s culinary stars, dining with ITA is a highlight whether flying short hops or long-haul.

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore ITA’s offerings including fresh pasta in business class, focaccia sandwiches in economy, and limoncello cocktails. With details on their cabins, service style, ingredients, and what makes ITA dining unique, read on for an in-depth look at the cuisine when flying Italy’s latest full-service airline.

panini sandwich

An Overview of Dining Onboard ITA Airways’ Flights

Here is a broad introduction to the dining experience when flying with ITA Airways within Europe or long-haul:

  • Business Class multi-course Italian-focused meals plated and served elegantly
  • Economy Class panini sandwiches, salads, focaccia pizza, and bites like arancini and bruschetta
  • Partnerships with Italy’s famous brands like San Pellegrino, Ferrarini, Domori to source top ingredients
  • Italian wines and liqueurs like Prosecco and limoncello to sip inflight
  • Premium touches like personalized olive oil service in business class from Italy’s regions

With authentic Italian hospitality and truly Italian cuisine, dining with ITA engages the senses and warms the heart.

A Closer Look at ITA Airways’ Onboard Culinary Experience

As someone who frequently travels between Italy and the US East Coast, I find many airline meals lacking in local flavor. But dining with ITA Airways on a recent Rome to New York trip impressed me – the fresh pasta and hearty wine delighted my palate, the smiling service warmed my heart, and the gelato dessert left me smiling. Here’s an inside look at ITA’s fantastic inflight food and beverage.

osso buco

Thoughtful Italian Hospitality in Business Class

In ITA’s premium Business Class cabin, authentic Italian hospitality shines:

  • Multi-course plated meals like cacio e pepe pasta, osso buco, branzino
  • Tableside olive oil service with varieties from Italy’s regions
  • Italian Barolo, Brunello, and Prosecco wines generously poured
  • Fresh cappuccino and espresso coffee drinks after meals
  • Sweet dessert wines like Moscato d’Asti and vin santo

With warm service and focus on quality, Business Class dining engages the senses.

Premium Italian Touches Across All Cabins

No matter the class, ITA incorporates thoughtful Italian accents:

  • Panini sandwiches stuffed with Italian-cured meats and cheeses
  • Olive oil and balsamic offered with hearty Italian bread loaves
  • Gelato desserts in fun flavors like tiramisu and stracciatella
  • Italian digestifs like limoncello or amaro served after meals

From parma ham panini to busiate pasta, ITA spotlights Italy’s cuisine.

Insalata Tricolore

Fresh, Colorful Salads in Economy Class

Even in Economy Class, ITA focuses on quality fresh ingredients:

  • Insalata Tricolore – Tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado – a perfect starter
  • Insalata di Quinoa – Protein-packed quinoa salad with olives and herbs
  • Insalata di Pasta – Fusilli pasta with fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Bruschetta – Fresh tomato and basil, served atop crunchy bread

Vibrant Italian salads and antipasti shine in economy – smart, satisfying fare when flying ITA.

Limoncello Spritzes & Premium Italian Wines

From aperitifs to digestifs, ITA Airways delivers quality Italian drink options:

  • Ferrarelle – Italy’s premium natural mineral water, served perfectly chilled
  • Limoncello Spritz – Limoncello, Prosecco, soda – bright, refreshing Italian flavors
  • Vermentino – Exclusive ITA white, ideal with seafood and lighter fare
  • Chianti Classico Riserva – Characterful oak-aged Chianti, velvety with red sauces

There’s an emphasis on pure, high-quality Italian brands when sipping onboard ITA.

Why Dining Shines with Italy’s New Airline

Here are the many aspects that make meals satisfying when flying with ITA Airways:

  • Authentic Italian cuisine crafted using premium artisanal ingredients
  • Multi-course meals in business class plated elegantly at your seat
  • Regionally inspired dishes like Sicilian arancini rice balls in economy
  • Italian wines, liqueurs and premium water like San Pellegrino and Ferrarelle
  • Gracious service with friendly Italian hospitality from the smiling staff

ITA Airways delivers simple yet genuine Italian cuisine and hospitality.

Sweet gamberi shrimp

Favorite Regionally Inspired Flavors from My ITA Journey

Based on my enjoyable ITA Airways dining between Milan and Miami, here are some of my favorite bites and sips:

  • Aperitivo in Milan – Aperol Spritz cocktails and olive oil-drenched grissini
  • Business Class Appetizer – Sweet gamberi shrimp with lemon and parsley
  • Business Class Pasta – Cacio e pepe with Pecorino Romano
  • Economy Panini – Parma ham, mozzarella, tomatoes
  • Economy Gelato – Sweet strawberry gelato for dessert

With quality ingredients, ITA provides delightful authentic Italian comfort.

Warm Hospitality Across All Classes

While ITA varies service by the cabin, the genuine Italian hospitality remains constant:

  • The quintessential Italian smile makes you feel welcome from the start
  • Thoughtful service touches like custom olive oil tastings make all guests feel special
  • ITA’s passion for cuisine shines whether it’s osso buco upfront or Caprese salad in the back

No matter how you fly with ITA, you’ll feel the heart of Italian hospitality through each dining experience.

Experience Italy’s Dolce Vita Above the Clouds

By focusing simply on quality fresh ingredients, celebrated Italian cuisine, and gracious service, ITA Airways brings il dolce vita – the sweet life – to skies. You’ll enjoy being pampered, familiar flavors, and hospitality straight from the heart when dining with ITA Airways at 35,000 feet.

So next time you fly Italy’s stylish new national carrier, relax into your leather seat and let ITA’s vibrant food and caring staff make your journey bellissima. It’s the bellezza and bonta of Italy soaring high.

Tips for Crafting an Optimal Mealtime with ITA Airways

Follow these tips to customize and optimize your dining experience when flying with ITA Airways:

  • In Business Class, select an olive oil to be served tableside from Italy’s regions
  • Pre-order your meal 24-48 hours ahead for both business and economy
  • Request special meals like low-sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free on their website
  • Pair lighter starters like seafood salad with sparkling wines
  • Indulge in sweets – ITA’s gelatos, panna cottas and tiramisu are delizioso
  • Download ITA’s app for dining details, inspiration and service information

With tricks like pre-ordering, custom olive oils, and selecting wines to complement each course, you can craft a personalized Italian dining experience.

Savor an Italian Feast Above the Skies

With warm smiles, artisanal ingredients, ripe tomatoes in salads, and limoncello spritzes, ITA Airways delivers fantastico cibo e vino – fantastic food and wine. It’s the flavors and culture of Italy soaring at 35,000 feet.

So next time you fly Italy’s ITA, get ready to say grazie mille to the spirited staff as you enjoy panini stuffed with parma ham, pasta al dente, and maybe a little dolce dessert. Salute and buon appetito on your delicious travels ahead!

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