Vietnam Airlines Business Class Menu: A Spotlight on the Dining Experience

When flying in Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class cabin, the complimentary dining service emphasizes fresh Vietnamese flavors and gracious hospitality. With menus celebrating local cuisines, premium wines, and thoughtful touches, eating in Vietnam Airlines Business Class balances comfort and indulgence.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the extensive culinary offerings, drink pairings, and attention to detail you can expect when dining in Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class. With highlights on signature dishes, custom dining, and service style, read on for an insider’s look at the business-class cuisine that awaits aboard this leading Asian carrier.

Bánh mì with sauteed pork, pâté, cilantro, and pickled carrots

An Overview of Dining in Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class

Here are the key factors that characterize the Vietnam Airlines Business Class dining experience:

  • Multi-course tasting menus featuring Vietnamese specialties like phở, bún chả, and gỏi cuốn
  • Dishes inspired by Vietnam’s diverse regional culinary traditions
  • Extensive wine and cocktail list tailored to complement Vietnamese flavors
  • Gracious touches like tableside beverage service and elegant flatware
  • On-demand dining with flexible meal orders and anytime refreshments

With authentic local flavors, Vietnam Airlines Business Class dining provides an immersive culinary experience.

A Closer Look at Eating in Vietnam Airlines Business Class

As someone who frequently travels to Asia for work, I appreciate airlines that showcase regional cuisine. On my Hanoi to Paris trip in Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class, the contemporary Vietnamese flavors impressed me, service felt personalized, and there were ample choices. Here’s an inside look at my enjoyable culinary experience soaring at 35,000 feet.

The Attentive, Discreet Service

The friendly flight attendants deliver impeccable yet unintrusive service:

  • Taking time to discuss dining preferences after boarding
  • Preparing place settings with pressed linens and elegant dishware
  • Introducing intricate dishes and drink pairings during service
  • Refreshing tables discreetly between meal courses

With polished care, Vietnam Airlines makes business-class dining feel bespoke.

Wok-seared shrimp with ginger, chili, and Vietnamese fish sauce

Culinary Excellence with Authentic Vietnamese Touches

The menu combines tradition with innovation through:

  • Phở with rice noodles, beef, and aromatic broth
  • Wok-seared shrimp with ginger, chili, and Vietnamese fish sauce
  • Bánh mì with sauteed pork, pâté, cilantro, and pickled carrots
  • Sticky rice with mung beans and coconut milk for dessert

It’s refined dining that still feels comfortable at 35,000 feet.

Vietnam’s Cuisine Takes the Spotlight

From crisp vegetables to fragrant broths, the finest ingredients shine:

  • Bright assortments of herbs like mint, basil, cilantro
  • Aromatic lemongrass, ginger, and chili
  • Fragrant coconut milk and creamy avocado
  • Premium Vietnamese fish sauce for umami depth

Meticulously sourced provisions ground this culinary experience.

Extensive Cocktail and Wine Menu

Creative libations complement each meal:

  • French champagne and fine Pinot Grigio
  • Inventive cocktails with Vietnamese flavors
  • Vietnamese coffee, teas, and tropical fruit juices
  • Vietnamese beer, rice wine, and larb whiskey

It’s an intriguing list in the skies with Vietnam Airlines.

Thoughtful Hospitality Touches

From dining wear to turndown service, Vietnam Airlines offers special touches:

  • Sleek lacquer dining wear inspired by local crafts
  • Elegant flatware, linens, and place settings
  • Turn-down service with mattress pad, slippers, and sweet treat
  • Personalized details like monogrammed pillows

Vietnam Airlines provides touches that make business class feel genuinely indulgent.

Why Vietnam Airlines Business Class Stands Out

Here are the details that impressed this frequent business class flyer:

  • Authentic dishes celebrating regional Vietnamese cuisine
  • Cocktails and wines thoughtfully selected to match each meal
  • Attentive service with elegant place settings and tableside pours
  • Customization from on-demand dining to monogrammed pillows
  • Hospitality anticipating needs through kind gestures

For immersive culinary experiences, Vietnam Airlines Business Class delivers.

Beef phở with rice noodles

Highlighting Top Business Class Menu Items

To showcase their culinary excellence, here are some standout tastes from my Vietnam Airlines Business Class journey:

Lunch Service

  • Beef phở with rice noodles, bone broth, and aromatic herbs
  • Wok-seared shrimp with sweet chili sauce and scallions
  • Bánh mì Vietnamese sandwiches on baguette
  • Dragon fruit salad with mint and lime dressing

Dinner Service

  • Grilled chicken with lemongrass, fish sauce, and lime leaf
  • Clay pot catfish with ginger, onion, and dill
  • Bò lúc lắc spicy Vietnamese beef salad
  • Sticky mango rice for dessert

With unforgettable flavors, Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class dining excels.

Elevated Touches Across Vietnam Airlines’ Fleet

While this article focused on Business Class, Vietnam Airlines pursues culinary distinction across all cabins:

  • Premium Economy – Upgraded menu, welcome drink, premium beers
  • Main Economy – Quality menu with Vietnamese specialties
  • Airport Lounges – Self-serve hot dishes, banh mi station, cocktails
  • Between Flights – Grab-and-go boxes with Vietnamese sandwiches, snacks

No matter how you fly, Vietnam Airlines strives for hospitality rooted in the local food culture.

Savor Authentic Vietnamese Flavors in the Skies

With culinary excellence that celebrates the nation’s diverse culinary traditions, the dining experience in Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class does Vietnam proud. From the aromatic phở to personalized pillows, it feels comfortably indulgent and authentic.

So on your next Vietnam Airlines flight, relax into your seat ready to savor exquisite flavors and gracious service soaring at 35,000 feet. From your welcome drink to the goodnight treat, it’s business-class dining perfected by this leading Asian carrier.

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