El Al Airlines Menu: A Guide to the Dining Experience

When flying internationally with El Al, the inflight dining service emphasizes quality Israeli and Jewish flavors, fine wines, and thoughtful hospitality.

With kosher menus spotlighting regional dishes, premium wines, and special touches, dining with El Al balances enjoyment and cultural traditions.

In this extensive article, we’ll explore El Al’s cuisine offerings including traditional dishes, signature drinks, kosher meals and refreshments.

With highlights on menu favorites, ordering tips, and local ingredients, read on for an insider’s look at the one-of-a-kind culinary experience that awaits aboard Israel’s flagship carrier.


An Overview of Dining Options on El Al

Here are the key factors that define and shape El Al’s onboard food and drink:

  • Authentic Israeli and Jewish cuisine like hummus, challah, gefilte fish
  • Extensive kosher meal selections to accommodate dietary needs
  • Israeli wines from renowned wineries like Golan Heights
  • Traditional snacks like rugelach pastries and date candies
  • Thoughtful hospitality touches reflecting Shabbat and holidays

With quality kosher flavors and gracious service, El Al aims to delight travelers.

A Closer Look at Eating and Drinking on El Al

As an enthusiastic traveler and foodie, I was excited to experience El Al’s highly regarded inflight dining on my New York to Tel Aviv journey. Onboard, the traditional dishes impressed me, the kosher wine pairings intrigued me, and the hospitality touched me. Here’s an inside look at my wonderful culinary and cultural adventure high above the Mediterranean landscapes.

The Warm, Inviting Service

El Al’s friendly flight attendants deliver remarkable service:

  • Traditional Hebrew welcomes like Shalom and Bruchim Haba’im
  • Warmth and patience taking meal orders and explaining cuisine
  • Personally serving breads, wine and highlighting holiday meanings
  • Attentive drink refills and quickly responding to requests

The thoughtful hospitality deepens the cultural experience.

Spotlight on Israeli and Jewish Flavors

From appetizers to dessert, the menu showcases cherished flavors:

  • Chopped liver pâté, gefilte fish, challah bread
  • Hummus, tabbouleh salad, ** stuffed grape leaves**
  • Rugelach pastries, honey cakes, date candies
  • Manischewitz wines, Israeli araks and liquors

It’s a palate adventure discovering revered national flavors.

Kosher Traditional Ingredients

Unique elements enrich the cuisine:

  • Olive oils from the Galilee
  • Goat cheeses from Israel’s farms
  • Pomegranate syrups and date honey
  • Matzo crackers and egg noodles

The kosher ingredients offer an authentic taste of place.

pareve meal

Extensive Kosher Meal Options

To accommodate dietary needs, El Al offers:

  • Glatt Kosher entrees like beef brisket and roasted chicken
  • Dairy and pareve meals
  • Fruit plates for vegan and raw food diets
  • Kids’, infant, medical meal selections

There are plentiful pre-order possibilities to meet dietary needs.

Thoughtful Cultural Touches

From blankets to beverages, El Al offers immersive experiences:

  • Kosher wines and grape juice for Shabbat
  • Traditional challah bread prayers and rituals
  • Honey cakes for Rosh Hashanah
  • Date truffles for Purim

It engages the senses for a memorable cultural adventure.

Why El Al Dining Stands Out

Here are the details that impressed this frequent flyer and curious traveler:

  • Authentic Jewish and Israeli cuisine capturing comforting flavors
  • Extensive kosher meal choices suited for all dietary needs
  • Cultural beverages like sacramental wines, arak liquor
  • Immersive hospitality through education on traditions
  • Kosher flavors of holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Purim

For a richly satisfying journey, El Al delivers.

Gefilte fish with horseradish

Highlighting Top Menu Items on El Al

To showcase their one-of-a-kind offerings, here are some of my favorite tastes from dining onboard:


  • Creamy hummus with pita chips
  • Fig and pomegranate juice

Inflight Meal Service

  • Gefilte fish with horseradish
  • Roast chicken with matzo ball soup
  • Honey cake dessert

With exotic yet comforting flavors, the cuisine shines.

Quality Kosher Cuisine Across the Fleet

While this article focused on economy class, El Al pursues culinary distinction across all cabins:

  • Business Class – Upgraded kosher meals, premium Israeli wines
  • First Class – Bespoke kosher multi-course menus
  • Economy – Traditional entrées, salads, breads, and snacks
  • Lounges – Hummus, pita, rugelach, Israeli snacks

No matter how you fly, El Al serves kosher excellence.

Experience Israel’s Traditions Above the Clouds

With chopped liver and challah bread in economy, honey cakes for Rosh Hashanah in First Class suites, or rich Yemenite hummus in the lounge, dining with El Al immerses travelers in the comforting flavors, hospitality, and heritage of Jewish and Israeli culinary traditions.

So on your next trip to Israel, come hungry and ready to discover the community of kosher cuisine soaring at 35,000 feet. From matzo ball soup to sweet honey cake, it’s an unforgettable cultural and culinary experience.

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