SunExpress Menu: A Guide to Dining Onboard Turkey’s Premier Low-Cost Carrier

As Turkey’s leading low-cost airline, SunExpress focuses on providing efficient, affordable flights within Turkey and to popular European and Mediterranean destinations. While complimentary food and beverage is limited, SunExpress does offer tasty buy-on-board dining and drinks for purchase to make journeys enjoyable.

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore SunExpress’ offerings including hot meals, snacks, coffee, alcohol and more available for purchase in-flight. With details on menu items, ordering, service style and unique aspects of dining with SunExpress, read on for an in-depth look at onboard fare when flying Turkey’s top no-frills airline.


An Overview of Dining Onboard SunExpress Flights

Here is a broad introduction to the culinary experience when flying within Turkey or Europe aboard SunExpress:

  • Buy-on-board dining with hot meals, salads, sandwiches, snacks and desserts available for purchase in-flight
  • Partnerships with quality Turkish brands like Simit Sarayi and Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi
  • Pre-ordering available on some routes to reserve meals, coffee, and fresh-squeezed juices
  • Mobile snack and drink service with crew coming through the cabin to take orders
  • Affordable prices that average 10-15 Euros for substantial hot meals and 4-6 Euros for sandwiches, snacks and drinks

While complimentary food is minimal, SunExpress provides quality affordable buy-on-board and pre-order options.

A Closer Look at the SunExpress Onboard Dining Experience

As someone who frequently travels between Central Europe and Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, I prefer being able to choose my own food and drinks during a flight.

While SunExpress does not offer complimentary inflight meals, I appreciated the variety of affordable and fresh buy-on-board menu choices on my recent Antalya to Dusseldorf trip. Here’s an inside look at my satisfying culinary experience flying with Turkey’s top low-cost airline.

Fresh, Efficient Mobile Cafe Service

Rather than meal carts, SunExpress uses a mobile cafe system:

  • Flight attendants walk the aisle to take meal, snack and drink orders
  • Food is prepared in the galley kitchen then swiftly delivered
  • This model allows multiple quick service rounds throughout the flight
  • Orders are taken start to finish, allowing customization – “no tomato please!”

SunExpress’ mobile cafe means convenient access to fresh food and drinks.

Simit Sarayi

Quality Turkish Brand Partnerships

SunExpress partners with well-known Turkish companies to provide quality cafe items including:

  • Simit Sarayi – Turkey’s beloved ring-shaped simit bread
  • Kahve Dunyasi – Turkish coffee roasted daily, plus teas
  • Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi – Istanbul’s famous coffeehouse since 1871
  • Eyup Sabri Tuncer – Traditional Turkish kunefe dessert

With trusted brands, quality and freshness shine through when dining with SunExpress.

Pre-Order Meals, Coffee and Fresh Juices

On select longer routes, SunExpress offers online pre-ordering for:

  • Breakfast – Menemen Turkish eggs with bread, kaymak clotted cream
  • Lunch or dinner – Adana kebab with rice, greens and ayran yogurt drink
  • Beverages – Fresh orange or pomegranate juice, coffee

Pre-ordering allows skipping lines and ensures you’ll get your top meal and drink picks.

Hot Meal Choices Reflecting Turkish Flavors

In addition to pre-order meals, SunExpress’ onboard cafe features Turkish hot meal choices:

  • Iskender kebab – Classic Turkish doner kebab with tomato sauce and yogurt
  • Firin sotelası – Hearty lamb and vegetable casserole
  • Mantı – Turkish pasta filled with meat, topped with garlic yogurt
  • Sebzeli et – Beef and vegetable stew seasoned with savory spices

For a satisfying meal, SunExpress has authentic Turkish flavors covered.

Lighter Turkish Meze Items

For a nibble, SunExpress also offers an array of classic Turkish meze snacks:

  • Poğaça – Savory Turkish bread roll with feta or ground beef
  • Börek – Baked phyllo pastry roll filled with cheese or potato
  • Hoşmerim – Sweet shredded phyllo pastry with syrup
  • Kuru yemiş – Assorted roasted nuts and seeds

You can mix and match little Turkish bites for a tasty, lighter meal.

Quality Turkish Coffee and Tea

No matter the meal, authentic Turkish coffee and tea from SunExpress’ partners make the perfect accompaniment:

  • Turkish coffee – Expertly roasted and freshly brewed
  • Turkish tea – Çay served hot in traditional tulip-shaped glasses
  • Salep – Thick, sweet Turkish milk tea with orchid powder

There’s pride in Turkish tea and coffee culture onboard SunExpress.

Why SunExpress’ Cafe Shines

Here are the many factors that provide a quality dining experience when flying budget carrier SunExpress:

  • Partnerships with iconic Turkish food brands ensure fresh, craveable flavors
  • Pre-order meals and beverages allow easy customization
  • Mobile cafe service enables ordering food and drinks anytime
  • Hot Turkish meal choices beyond basic sandwiches
  • Crew attentiveness to customize orders like “no pickles please!”

For a low-cost airline, SunExpress satisfies with tasty Turkish fare at friendly prices.

Top Turkish Flavor Picks When Flying SunExpress

Based on my satisfying SunExpress cafe experiences across Turkey and Europe, here are go-to favorites that made me smile:

  • Pre-Order: Menemen Turkish scrambled eggs – perfect protein to start the day
  • Lunch/Dinner: Adana kebab plate – Turkey’s revered spicy grilled kebab
  • Light Snacks: Hoşmerim and salep milk tea – sweet treats together!
  • Coffee: Expertly brewed Turkish coffee – rich, intense, authentic

With skillfully executed Turkish flavors, SunExpress satisfied my tastebuds and transport me to Turkey instantly.

Iskender kebab

Consistent Quality and Hospitality Across the Fleet

While SunExpress offers a single economy cabin, they strive for consistent quality and hospitality throughout:

  • From Iskender kebab hot plates to simit bread snacks, the cafe menu celebrates Turkey’s flavors
  • Pre-order meals allow easy customization for all passengers
  • Attentive service and genuine Turkish hospitality make all travelers feel valued

No matter where you sit, SunExpress delivers caring service and craveable Turkish fare.

Experience Authentic Turkish Flavors Soaring Over Europe

With partnerships featuring Turkey’s top bread and coffee brands, seasoned hot meals, and pre-order convenience, SunExpress brings quality Turkish cuisine to the skies in a budget-friendly way. You’ll enjoy gracious service, familiar flavors, and snacks that transport you to Turkey when dining aboard SunExpress.

So the next time you fly around Turkey or Europe, pack some Euros and come hungry! From fresh-brewed coffee to oven-fresh simit bread, it’s a delightful Turkish culinary experience in the air. Afiyet olsun – happy travels and good appetite!

Tips for an Optimal SunExpress Dining Experience

Follow these tips to optimize and customize your food and drink experience when flying with SunExpress:

  • Pre-order meals anytime from booking up to 12 hours before your flight
  • Download their app to access cafe menus, pre-order and more
  • Bring headphones – SunExpress plays curated Turkish pop playlists to match the cafe vibe
  • Carry cash in Euros – cards accepted but cash ensures you can buy onboard
  • Fill up water before boarding – staying hydrated is key when flying
  • Pack light snacks to supplement with your own goodies as needed

With tricks like pre-ordering, bringing cash, and downloading playlists, you can craft a personalized SunExpress dining experience.

Sit Back and Savor Authentic Turkish Hospitality and Flavors

While complimentary food is limited, through quality brand partnerships, fresh pre-order meals, and genuine Turkish hospitality, SunExpress delivers a satisfying and affordable inflight cafe experience. It’s the sights, scents and smiles of Turkey seasoned perfectly at 35,000 feet.

So the next time you fly Turkey’s premier low-cost carrier, get ready to say “afiyet olsun” (bon appetit) as you enjoy piping hot Turkish coffee, oven-fresh simit bread and maybe some baklava. Hoşgeldiniz ve iyi yolculuklar – welcome aboard and happy travels!

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