Kulula Menu: A Guide to the Dining and Drink Selections

When flying with Kulula, South Africa’s low-cost airline, the inflight dining emphasizes value, variety and hospitality. With build-your-own meals, signature coffee, and caring touches, dining with Kulula balances economy and quality.

In this detailed article, we’ll explore Kulula’s cuisine offerings including customizable meal boxes, specialty coffee, cocktails and vegetarian options. With highlights on menu favorites, ordering tips, and special touches, read on for an insider’s look at the culinary experience that awaits aboard this value-driven South African carrier.

An Overview of Dining Options on Kulula

Here are the key factors that define and shape Kulula’s onboard food and drink:

  • It’s a Wrap Boxes – Customizable sandwich, snack and dessert boxes
  • Bootlegger Coffee Company drinks made from premium South African beans
  • Local wines like pear cider from Darling Cellars
  • Vegetarian and Halaal choices like Chakalaka wrap
  • Thoughtful hospitality touches like refreshing face mist

With quality local flavors and hospitality, Kulula aims to satisfy diverse South African tastes.

Chakalaka wrap

A Closer Look at Eating and Drinking on Kulula

As an occasional flyer within South Africa, I appreciate Kulula’s budget-friendly options and streamlined service style. On my Cape Town to Johannesburg trip, I found the food surprisingly varied for a low-cost carrier, coffee excellent, and service efficient yet friendly. The flavors impressed me, prices felt reasonable, and Kulula’s customization made ordering easy. Here’s an inside look at my enjoyable culinary experience aboard Kulula.

The Friendly, Efficient Service

Kulula’s digital platforms enable streamlined yet pleasant service:

  • Mobile app for menu browsing, ordering and payment
  • Kiosk and online ordering and payment before flights
  • Polite cabin crew fulfillment and delivery
  • In-app customer support for any service requests

With efficient yet caring touches, Kulula makes dining smooth.

Quality, Craveable Local Fare

From coffee to wine, Kulula’s menu offers South African favorites like:

  • Bootlegger premium coffee – cappuccinos, red cappuccinos, lattes
  • Locally-inspired wraps like Bobotie or Chakalaka
  • Craft wines like Darling Cellars’ pear cider
  • Sweet treats like melktertjies, Hertzoggies, and koeksisters

The flavors make even budget dining feel special.

Advance Ordering Allows Customization

With mobile and online ordering, passengers can tailor choices:

  • Build-your-own It’s a Wrap boxes
  • Vegetarian and Halaal wrap options
  • Special order meals – allergies, kosher
  • Order and pay in advance or onboard

The ability to personalize makes dining smooth.

Hospitality Touches Streamlined

From booking to arrival, Kulula offers efficient hospitality:

  • Seamless digital booking and check-in
  • Pre-flight refresh with scented face mists
  • In-app customer support and requests
  • Occasional free cocktails on holiday flights

Kulula provides streamlined comforts that put travelers at ease.

Why Dining With Kulula Stands Out

Here are the details that impressed this mobile-savvy South African traveler about Kulula:

  • Efficient digital ordering via mobile app or online
  • Customizable boxes you can tailor to taste
  • Quality local coffee, wines, sweet treats
  • Friendly cabin crew providing prompt meal delivery
  • Affordable prices for fresh, tasty cuisine

For a streamlined culinary journey, Kulula satisfies.


Highlighting Top Menu Items on Kulula

To showcase Kulula’s offerings, here are some of my favorite tastes:


  • Bootlegger flat white coffee
  • Box of sweet hertzoggies

Inflight Meal

  • Bobotie wrap box
  • Peppermint crisp tartlet
  • Appetizer Red Grape juice

With pleasing local flavors, kulula’s menu excels.

Streamlined Hospitality Across Kulula’s Fleet

While I focused on economy class, Kulula pursues efficiency and caring service across all flights:

  • It’s a Wrap – Customizable salad, sandwich and snack boxes
  • Cafe Kulula – Light snacks and drinks for purchase
  • Kids’ meals – Yogurt packs, PBJ sandwiches
  • Mobile app – Preorder meals and drinks

No matter your route, Kulula satisfies guests efficiently.

Quality Streamlined with South African Hospitality

With milk tartlets in economy, Bootlegger coffees ordered via app, and friendly cabin crew service, inflight dining with Kulula balances quality and speed through digital convenience.

So on your next South African trip, get ready to browse the menu before takeoff, order with a click, and enjoy tasty local flavors in the air. With meal boxes showcasing regional wraps, quality coffee and seamless service, it’s dining at 35,000 feet – efficiently reimagined.

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