Go First Menu: A Guide to the Dining and Drink Selections

When flying with Go First, India’s ultra low-cost carrier, the inflight dining emphasizes value, variety and hospitality. With customizable meals, signature coffee, and caring touches, dining with Go First balances economy and quality.

In this detailed article, we’ll explore Go First’s cuisine offerings including meal boxes, premium coffee, vegetarian options, and kid-friendly meals. With highlights on menu favorites, ordering tips, and special touches, read on for an insider’s look at the culinary experience that awaits aboard this efficient Indian airline.

rice meals with chicken

An Overview of Dining Options on Go First

Here are the key factors that define and shape Go First’s onboard food and drink:

  • Gourmair Meal Boxes – Customizable rice meals with chicken or paneer
  • Premium coffee blends like Blue Tokai
  • Indian snacks like masala peanuts, beetroot chips
  • Kid-friendly – Snack packs, creative sandwiches, sweet treats
  • Thoughtful hospitality touches like refreshing face mists

With quality Indian flavors and hospitality, Go First aims to satisfy diverse travelers.

A Closer Look at Eating and Drinking on Go First

As an occasional flyer between Indian cities, I appreciate Go First’s value fares and streamlined services. On my New Delhi to Kochi flight, I found the meal options varied, coffee excellent, and service efficient.

The flavors impressed me, prices felt reasonable, and Go First’s customization made ordering easy. Here’s an inside look at my enjoyable culinary experience aboard India’s leading ultra low-cost carrier.

The Friendly, Attentive Service

Go First’s polite cabin crew deliver pleasant service:

  • Warmly greeting passengers and orienting to the menu
  • Explaining the menu items and efficiently taking orders
  • Serving meal boxes, coffee, snacks promptly after takeoff
  • Responding quickly and positively to additional requests

With those caring touches, Go First makes you feel well looked after.

grilled paneer Sandwich

A Focus on Quality Indian Favorites

From coffee to meals, Go First’s menu features cherished staples:

  • Premium Blue Tokai coffee – lattes, espressos
  • Snack packs – peanuts, chips, chocolate chip cookies
  • Gourmair boxes – chicken biryani, veg fried rice, dessert
  • Sandwiches – grilled paneer, veggies, with chutneys

The classic Indian flavors make dining smooth and familiar.

Advance Ordering Allows Customization

With online ordering, passengers can tailor meal choices to their preferences:

  • Select chicken or paneer Gourmair rice box
  • Kid-friendly and vegetarian options
  • Prebook Jain, vegan, low-fat meals
  • Order and pay in advance or onboard

The ability to personalize makes dining easy.

Hospitality Touches on Board

From wheels up to wheels down, Go First offers thoughtful touches:

  • Refreshing cucumber-mint face mists
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Travel amenity kits on longer flights
  • Festive treats on occasions like Diwali

Go First provides comforts that make you feel cared for.

Why Dining With Go First Stands Out

Here are the details that impressed this frequent Indian traveler about Go First’s service:

  • Quality Indian coffee and meals using trusted ingredients
  • Customizable Gourmair boxes to meet dietary needs
  • Streamlined online ordering with menu samples provided
  • Caring staff who deliver efficient, polite service
  • Value fares combined with quality dining

For a smooth culinary journey, Go First satisfies.

Paneer tikka Gourmair box

Highlighting Top Menu Picks on Go First

To showcase Go First’s offerings, here are some tasty highlights:


  • Masala chai tea with cream
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds

Inflight Meal

  • Paneer tikka Gourmair box
  • Gulab jamun dessert


  • Iced coffee topped with milk foam
  • Premium bottled water

With comforting Indian flavors, Go First’s dining options entice.

Quality Cuisine Across Go First’s Fleet

While this article focused on my flight, as Go First expands it aims to deliver caring service and Indian flavors across all flights:

  • Economy – Gourmair boxes, coffee, snacks
  • Future cabins – Enhanced meals, amenities, and comforts
  • Preorder – Customize meals to your dietary needs
  • Festive touches – Special decor and treats on Indian holidays

No matter your journey, Go First strives to satisfy with quality Indian hospitality.

Experience Efficient Indian Hospitality In the Skies

With flavorful chicken biryani meal boxes in economy, refreshing Blue Tokai coffees, and efficient service from Go First’s friendly cabin crew, dining onboard India’s leading low-cost carrier aims to deliver tasty Indian comfort foods and seamless hospitality.

So on your next flight, relax into your seat and let Go First’s crew serve you flavors that feel like home, even at 35,000 feet. From the crew’s warm namaste to the sweet gulab jamun dessert, it’s a distinctly Indian flying experience focused on value.

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